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Tournament Rules

Rhode Island Breakers Tournament Rules 2019

Each team is to provide one adult to work the table if needed.

Teams are expected to arrive on site a minimum of thirty (30) minutes before their scheduled game times Please have a typed roster to give to the scorekeeper.


  1. All Pool Play games are two 16-minute regulation (i.e. stopped time) halves.

            Special Note:  If the deficit is 20 points or greater at the  5 minute mark or later it shall be running time till duration.

2. Each team is entitled to three (3) 45 sec. timeouts one of which must be used in the first half.

3. Each team is entitled to a 4-minute warm-up period prior to each game.

4. Half time will be 2 minutes.

5. Players foul out on their sixth foul.

6. There is NO Bonus situation (1 and 1).  Two free throws shall be in effect on the tenth (10) foul and thereafter.

7. National Federation High School rules govern all other plays.

8. If a game ends in a tie, a TWO (2) minute overtime period will be played.

9. Each team is responsible for their own basketballs.

10. Each team is responsible for their own medical attention INCLUDING ICE.

11. No coolers or large water containers allowed.. They make a mess!!!!

12. Semi Final and Championship games CAN be  14 minute stop time halves at the discretion of the tournament director.


No fighting will be tolerated.  Any player participating in a fight will be ejected and  must serve an additional one game suspension and/or possibly dismissal from the tournament.

Coaches will be ejected on their second technical foul and must leave the team

with an adult coach and leave the building.

Any behavior deemed by the director  as putting   the well being of any player, coach,

official, volunteer or spectator in danger, will result in the offending party's team

being dismissed from the tournament without refund.


Each pool has 4   teams.

You play each team in your pool once.

One team from each pool advances to the championship.

In the event of an uneven number of teams in a pool the director will determine

the team (s) who will advance.  Margin of victory to 15 point maximum may be used.

Championships:  Awards will be distributed in each age group.

TIE BREAKERS:           1. Head to Head

                                    2. If there  is a three way tie at 2 - 1 total margin of victory ( 15 point maximum

                                    per game) minus margin of the 1 loss.  Forfeit is a 15 pt. win.

If a Pool Only Has 4 teams the team with the best record will be declared the champion and receive Tshirts.  In case of a tie the Tie Breaker rules will be in effect.

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